How it all started

This is the story of two travellers, Peter and Alex, who met around an incredible Pad Thai along their journey around the world. Anyone who is passionate about good food and cooking will tell you that great meals make great friends. No surprise these two continued their journey together. Two years later, Peter and Alex opened the doors of their first spice store in a cosy avenue of New York, close to a small farmer’s market where travellers and locals alike are seeking inspiration for dinner. They say that no one leaves the Asian House without an exotic recipe in mind (and their basket full of scented powders!).

Meet the team

At the Asian House, the spirit of travelling and being open to meeting new people is still alive. The people who work here will always have a friendly word for you. Just come say hi!


Peter first started his career as a consultant, but his heart always felt happier in the kitchen. In 2011, he went for a month vacation in India, where he took his first cooking lesson. As he renewed the experience in various Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, he started dreaming about creating his own business. What Peter loves the most about working at the Asian House today is the smell of the spices when he enters the store every morning, and the passionate discussions he shares with his clients during the day.

Peter’s favourite recipe? The Indian Kadai Chicken with its ginger-garlic paste and fresh coriander. Sweet and hot, the perfect choice after a long day of work.


Alex is from Southern Spain, he is the one who brings the Mediterranean influence into the shop. Every two months, Alex goes back to his native land to visit his family, and he often extends the trip to search for new inspiration and products for the shop. Exploring markets and farms, tasting new spices and herbs, Alex found his dream job!

His favourite recipe? The world famous Greek moussaka, made with the sweetest cinnamon and the strongest cumin from the region of Corinth. The perfect moussaka can take up to 5 hours of cooking.