Our commitment to fair-trade

We created our business after months of travelling and meeting farmers all over the world. We have seen in our own eyes how different styles of farming work. The fair-trade model is the one that best matches our values and quality standards. We are offering the highest quality of spices and herbs, the one that actually makes a difference in your plate. The only way to make this difference is to work with smaller farms, and buy the products at a price that allows the farmers to keep improving their quality. Our relationships with our suppliers is one of our biggest strengths and the reason for our success.

Meet our farmers: Raja

Raja is one of our amazing suppliers of aromatic herbs. His family has been growing aromatic herbs for the longest time in Laos and holds the ancient secrets of planting and harvesting these delicate plants. Raja is now leading the family business, and he was able to give it a new impulse thanks to the fair-trade model. Selling his products at a decent price allows him to grow his business without having to shift towards intensive culture systems that imply the use of harmful pesticides. We are currently developing a sponsoring program to develop a new product range with Raja, including Lemon Grass and sweet basil cultures. You will find them soon in our store!